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The Best Settlement Possible

Attorney Klein has handled several auto accident claims for me and has done a great job every time. I rely on him to make a slow process endurable while getting me the best possible settlement.

Robert S.

Strongly recommend.

I am a very satisfied client who strongly recommends Attorney Robert Klein. Robert makes himself available to his clients. He is extremely diligent, personable, and genuinely cares about his clients’ well-being. Robert did a fantastic job settling a personal injury case for me several years ago. Recently, a legal issue arose pertaining to that same case. Robert immediately started working on the issue and had it completely resolved within a matter of days. I am very happy with the services I received from Robert Klein, and I highly recommend him!


Knowledgable and helpful.

I consulted with Mr. Klein on a legal matter and although we chose not to pursue it further, I was very impressed with his knowledge and helpfulness. He took the time to explain the options available to me in a very professional and reassuring manner. It is obvious that Mr. Klein is experienced in his field, and I will not hesitate to contact him again in the future.

Rit G.

Awesome Attorney

Awesome attorney, known him for 35 years, always takes care of my juries!

Veronica U.

Dependable and Personable

I have known Robert Klein for over 20 years. He has represented me personally on several occasions; all with favorable outcomes and I have referred many of my clients, friends and associates to him over the years. Robert is extremely dependable and personable yet represents his clients with the highest level of skill and loyalty. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone in need of a highly qualified attorney.

Brian D.

Tenacious & Top-notch

I have known Robert for a number of years and have referred many clients to him. Robert is a top-notch personal injury and employee-side employment law attorney, who takes only contingency fees for his work. Robert is personable with his clients, and tenacious with his opponents. I recommend Robert to anyone who is in need of a contingency fee attorney for a personal injury or employment law matter.

Adam T.

A Highly Skilled Attorney

Robert is a highly skilled attorney who works hard for his clients. He maintains an enviable level of professionalism. I have had the opportunity to work with Robert as a mediator, and he has been an outstanding advocate for his client without losing sight of the ultimate goal. It is a pleasure to work with Robert.

Steve M.

Dedicated & Hardworking.

Robert is a dedicated hardworking attorney who takes every measure to make sure that his clients are well represented. I gladly refer to Robert knowing that anyone I refer will have their legal needs taken care of in a timely, professional and excellent manner.

Cindy E.

Amiable, Enthusiastic, Diligent.

Robert is an amiable, enthusiastic and diligent attorney whose professional reputation precedes him. As his legal assistant, he not only introduced me to the legal industry prior to attending law school, but Robert provided me with opportunities to gain hands-on experience and basic knowledge of injury and tort law. It was a pleasure working with Robert during the past summer. It would be advantageous for any client to hire “the Shark” for their legal needs.

Dan A.

Put Me At Ease.

I was involved in a rear end accident, and I called Mr. Klein (by the search engine, not a referral) for a consultation. Mr. Klein reviewed my case, and he set the framework for what to expect going forward and how I should proceed. I have never been involved in an accident or dealing with insurance companies, but Mr. Klein answered all my questions and put me at ease. Over the course of a year, I contacted him several times with additional questions, and he answered all of them on a complimentary basis. He’s a true professional with excellent customer service skills. I received a fair settlement and could not have done so without his help. Anyone seeking assistance should contact Mr. Klein.


Answers His Phone!

I decided to call Mr. Klein out of the blue to answer some of my pressing questions about my situation. Not expecting Mr. Klein to answer the phone I was pleasantly surprised when he did. Not only did he take my call but spent quite a few minutes to answer them. All though I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t understand a few things, nonetheless Mr. Klein took the time to reiterate and explain them carefully. I’m grateful for the time Mr. Klein took to answer my questions. In my own words I would highly encourage you to experience the same. Thank you, Mr. Klein.


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